Office Space in Gurgaon

Office Space in Gurgaon

Office Space in Gurgaon – Bhopal is perhaps the most sought after destination for outsourcing in the Asia Pacific region because it provides an ideal position for companies located in any part of the world. According to a study conducted in India byructural engineering company, Bhopal is the most preferred location for outsourcing (OEM) in India. The report, ” Asia’s Best Bargains for Construction Companies ” was released recently and clearly indicates the growing demand for office space and other types of office accommodations in India.

The deferral of metro expansions, increased demand for quality office accommodation in Gurgaon, increased interest in India’s financial capital, and the increased sophistication and demand for branded office space in India are the major reasons behind the unprecedented growth in the office space segment. This has led to the creation of new office properties in Gurgaon which in turn has led to new office space leasing.

Modern Business travelers are increasingly demanding more flexibility, efficiency and choice when it comes to handling their everyday business affairs. This has also lead to extensive investments in sophisticated office accommodation and infrastructure. Gurgaon is one such destination.

It is hardly surprising to find that Gurgaon’s property market is witnessing a facelift as it is rapidly evolving to fulfill the needs of a growing,Soon to be a fast developing corporate hub.

The extensive construction activities in Gurgaon have clearly indicated its growth oriented character. Contrary to the popular perception, the hotel segment is not declining but is on the rise. It is being seen that today as hotels are being targeted by investors, more hotel apartments are being constructed to cater to the demand. Interestingly, even though there is a constant increase in apartment acquisitions in Gurgaon, it does not match the rate of hotel apartments in terms of price as per room. 이혼전문변호사

With such developments and unique corporate framework being developed in Gurgaon, property prices in Gurgaon have sky rocketed. Owning an apartment in Gurgaon is definitely a costlier proposition relative to that of apartments in neighbouring areas such as South Delhi, Lower Parel and South Extension. The rates of office space in Gurgaon are being driven by the global satellite relocation. Already, more and more MNCs are acknowledges keeping America, Asia, and Europe in mind and they set up base in Gurgaon.

One of the prime reasons for the increasing Rental rates in Gurgaon is the presence of the BPO sector. It provides a huge concentration of employment opportunities for a large number of people. Also more and more BPO and corporate offices are being built in Gurgaon. Corporate giants such as Reliance Industries, DLF, and Ansal thus build one of the best commercial hubs. Even multinational companies are coming to help in building their offices in Gurgaon. This has had a significant impact on the demand for office space. Obviously, the map of Gurgaon has an unprecedented change as it is being transformed into a hubs of the global business.

Thus, ample opportunities are beckoning corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and investors to step into the intrigue of Gurgaon.

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